Why Me~?

Who are you? I have parents (passed away now.), I was a Kid, grew up like most all kids with typical games, learning, troubles of some sort, then,  a young man, enlisted in the Army, traveled as well as continued my education. I have Grandparents as well as other extended family members.

What do you do?  Currently I’ve worked in management, for the past 11 years. However, that is my Occupation,~ Saving Money for my retirement has always been in the forefront of what ever I do or did. So I prefer to say; I practice money management and always have. It’s my parents, believe it or not that rely started me on my way to saving, successfully. It’s IMPORTANT for PARENTS to get their kids Involved in SAVING~!!!

What are you talking about? I’m talking about buying your kids Bonds, Piggy Banks what ever it takes to set Money Aside for them, NO MATTER HOW MUCH or LITTLE.  Todays kids are ADVANCED in the Electronic world SO, there are ELECTRONIC BANKS available. The things that will keep kids interested is what keeps kids interested.

 What will you be talking about? What I will be discussing on these pages will be informative, educational as well as why savings isn’t a word to cringe about when you hear it.

 What gives you the right to talk about anything? Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve worked towards saving money, most of my adult life. Like ALL works of life there are plenty of ups as well as downs however the downs were much easier to work through due to the fact that I had a savings!!!

 What are you doing here? I’m here to work with you, as well as continue learning myself.  I know that what I’ve gone through wouldn’t have been available to me, without someone else going through the trenches before me and treading the way. All’s I had to do, was take what I learned and GO!!!  With that said, Not every experience laid out for me was what I was interested in at a given time however I knew to place it in my toolbox for future reference should I need it~

 Why are you doing it here? I’m  here because without ADULTS TEACHING our kids on savings, they wouldn’t receive the knowledge anywhere else, Not the schools, Not from other kids who don’t know what to do with their money, besides spend it, ALL, on stuff, Not our Government. Kids are our future and their future depends on our help!!!


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