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Hi, I’m Brett, on the left of the picture is my wife of 20+ years Dawna and on the right of the picture is our son Russ. Not shown is my oldest son Bryan and his beautiful wife Jamie.

 I have been toying with learning the computer for some time and trying different ways to keep up with a world I feel is passing me by. I would join Face book, MySpace, you name it but nothing seemed to help me feel as though I was accomplishing anything. Until now. Now I am finally working on creating a Blog. I’m trying to create a meaningful Blog, meaningful to me. So here I go…

 After studying and trying things for over a year, off and on, I finally found a Freelance system that I believe is going to work for me. Before I start Freelance writing, which I have a lot to learn, I am going to create a Blog.

My Blog will generate a few things; 1) it will allow me to practice my writing. 2) it will keep me focused on issues that are important to me as well as others. 3) Help me feel connected to society again. and 4) Possibly start earning a little extra cash by writing some Ebooks… Who knows? Never the less, I’m excited to get started on my blog.


One response to “About Me~

  1. Hi there,
    In response to –
    Well the WordCamp sounds great however nothing near the Seattle area?
    We had one in Victoria BC which was sponsored by the Social Media Club- Victoria chapter. Very useful I can let you know when the next one is. Likely in May or so.

    Being a beginner at all this, is there a program that steps you through setting up your blog, how to manipulate pictures, etc.?

    Try Lynda.com. many of the programs are free and when they say beginner it is the building blocks. I know. I’m one too.


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