Pre-retirement, for me, means planning, gaining knowledge, or starting towards your retirement

Well it appears, to me, I need to better define what I mean when I say “Pre-retirement”. After searching the internet I realized we, me and other pre-retirement writers, were talking about a couple different issues, plans, strategies etc . So this post is being written specifically to clarify my definition of pre-retirement.  It is ALSO being written for you to become aware of starting something today. Whether that’s starting a plan, gianing knowledge, AND getting a KID started, which I think is totally rewarding, no pun intended, but it’s exciting I could write on and on and well you get it~ SO… 

 In my “About Me” part of this blog I mentioned I wanted to create a meaningful blog for me, as well as others. However, after studying material offered towards Pre-retirement over the internet it became clear to me that the information was more towards individuals who are close to retiring and or probably have a plan in place and have for some time.

Pre-retirement for me, means starting towards your retirement, as soon as possible! It doesn’t matter, to me, what your age is however, if your within 3 years of retiring and you know your plan, this is probably not for you. With that said, PLEASE, feel free to read the information here and by all means, add your comments towards helping others as they need to be aware of what you have gone through, or “wish you would have known then, what you know now”.     By All Means, Pass this Web Page Along.


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